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Christmas decoration with kitchen items

Christmas decoration is all about creativity and innovation. An innovative way to decorate the house would be using the kitchen cutlery and other kitchen accessories rather than using the same ole decorative items picked from stores. This unique ornamentation of the house with the kitchen accessories could mean more than just decoration. 
The ceramic plates could be used as wall hangings and the little plain ones can be made to look colorful by sticking some bright ribbon on them. Every kitchen is sure to house the age-old silverware from granny’s kitchen. These silver trays and plates can be hung around the rooms and they sure give a classy look in the nights under the candle light. Some of the other silver cutlery can be used on the side tables to display the other Christmas accessories.
Candles are synonymous with Christmas and it really does not matter if you have just plain white candles at home. You can use the plain glass bowls and cups as candle stands and the effect is just scintillating. You could keep a few of these candles together and they really give a beautiful serene touch to all your decorations.
Have some extra goblets in the kitchen drawers. Take them out, arrange some beautiful flowers in them, and put them on the living room table. A colander sure makes its way into the kitchen items decoration list for Christmas. This could make a remarkable centerpiece when filled with some berries and one plain-lit candle in the centre of the colander.
Similarly make use of whatever kitchen cutlery you think would make a good decorative piece and make this Christmas a complete kitchen one of course with some exciting spread on the dining table as well
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