martedì 4 marzo 2014

Repurpose a suitcase

It’s time for another repurposing post …
There are so many ways to reuse those old suitcases in home decor for storage and decoration. There is no need to hide them away in the attic. Vintage suitcases can be in full display and look great.
Ways to Repurpose a Suitcase are not only clever, they will also help make your home more interesting and beautiful. 

 I really like the idea of a suitcase shelf 

A cat or a dog bed is a great use for old luggage … add some legs and a pillow and your sweet pet will have the perfect place to sleep

… or a clever bedside table

a sweet table 

a lovely coffee table

You could also make a chair from an old suitcase

A suitcase bar is a clever way to repurpose an old suitcase

One final idea that will appeal to the imagination: a sweet fairy garden planted in a suitcase

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