giovedì 1 novembre 2012

Would you live in this beautiful Provencal house?

Once upon a time, a couple of senior living in the Paris region but dreamed of escaping to reach a land of sun, where they could start a family. According to their research, they visit the castle Margüi: a vast vineyard fallow, the center of which stands a splendid country house flanked by outbuildings. In total, nearly two thousand square meters of buildings and a proud local untapped: What inflame the passion and sense of challenge that animate Marie and Philippe Guillanton.

wither Here, an old pile of stone found in the garden found useful. Besides, a stone staircase, carved from blocks out pieces of vines on their plantation in 2000, seems to be there forever.

The softness and femininity of the lady of the house can be found everywhere, especially in this room where the linen cupboard Provence (Grange) home linen family.

Near the old fireplace bench sculpted concrete shows its gentle curves. In the alcove, Mary did sculpt a bench Siporex (aerated concrete) after one of his drawings. It also creates the color of the walls by mixing natural pigments of black vine and Cassel earth a limewash ready (Badimat). Carpet, AM-PM. Blanket, Mis en Demeure. Homemade pillow.

Once partitioned small adjoining rooms, the ground floor has seen its volumes redeployed large living spaces. Thus, instead of an old bearing wall now stands a magnificent vaulted tufa stone from a nearby quarry. The island in the kitchen, designed by Mary, is covered with a worktop Marble (Marble Ragnini).

Adorning its luster kitchen, this beautiful cast iron stove (Boisserenc) heats the entire living room in winter. The hood has been created and smoothed plaster Mary. Bike, wooden, Minots. Clock, The House Appart'thé. Chandelier, Antique Connection.

Under a chandelier pendants glass (Antique Connection), the table is set with ease. Table XVIII, Grange. Chair and limed white mottled by Mary. Table linen, Le Jacquard French. Dishes, Side Table. Decanter, Baccarat. Glasses, Chef & Sommelier.

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