giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

snowflake pattern ideas

You will need:
 paper ....The size you need your paper to be is quarter of A4. It will leave your snowflakes
Fold it in half (shorter sides together) and turn 180 degrees so that open ends are at the bottom.
Fold the left top corner over to the right corner and press down make a little fold for the middle. e
Now for the tricky bit: Judging by eye, fold the right corner down by a third. It helps a bit if you place your left thumb on the little fold you just made. (In your mind, note down a point about 5mm to the right of the bottom left corner and line the top right corner up with that point, it should be about accurate.) immediately. 

Now fold down the other corner (right one again), lining the corner up with the fold you just made.
Fold the whole thing in half and turn 180 degrees. That is what your snowflake template should look like. Can you see the the lines in the middle? This is where you have to cut off the top, and your snowflake template is ready!
Your snowflake should look like this. Discard the top and you are ready for the fun bit!You can cut any design you like into your snowflake, but over the years I have found that triangles work the best - they are easy to cut, just straight lines crossing, and the result looks realistic. 
Of course, you can cut just little lines to give it a fringe-y edge or not cut the edge at all.
The very clever bit which results sometimes in spectacular snowflakes is here: after you have cut out a triange, you can cut another triangle into the side of the one you just made!
You can also cut off the bottom tip, to make a cute little star in the middle of your snowflake.
Another double triangle...
And if we open it up... it will look like this. 


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  1. bellissimi! sai mi ricorda le bamboline di carta che mi faceva la mia nonna,il procedimento è lo stesso solo molto più ricercato! Complimenti.

  2. che meraviglia,che idea!!! appena avrò tempo ci provo anch'io!!!


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