venerdì 30 novembre 2012

Sweet food ideas for the holidays

here is a quick post with a few cute sweet treat ideas for the holidays

Christmas in England

Lots of cute ideas for your Christmas decorating in this renovated 19th century cottage in North Yorkshire, England.

Period Living

giovedì 29 novembre 2012

Gold and silver

Have you started with your Christmas decorating? today I'd like to show you a selection of photographs from campagne-decoration to get you inspired.

Sc 597 028

Sc 597 001

Sc 597 016

deco or et argent

Sc 597 020

Sc 597 025

Sc 597 034

Sc 597 032

Sc 597 040

Sc 597 035

Sc 597 038

Sc 597 026


Sc 597 012

Sc 597 045

Sc 597 006

Sc 597 041
Via Maison & Decò

Christmas living room

Decorating your home for Christmas is not only a necessity but is also a funny and enjoyable activity which makes you feel great and makes you enter the Christmas atmosphere in a nice way. If your living room is not ready yet and you still have not got any ideas for the style you want to adopt, here are some ideas for you. It depends on your tastes and preferences the way you choose your decorations and the combinations of colors.

mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

Christmas in Denmark

Kirsten and her husband Karsten used to live in a modern house in the city. With the arrival of their fourth child they decided to temporarily move to the countryside. Once they settled in they realized there was no way they were going back to their city lives. Even though Kirsten loves modern architecture and contemporary design, she was touched by the charm of this 1917 cottage and chose the decoration to respect its style as much as possible. Located near Copenhagen, in a charming small town between the sea and forest, Kirsten created a welcoming home mingling sophistication and simplicity.


 jardin d'hiver

salle à manger



salle à manger

poêle suédois




salle de bains
Via Maison Dèco

Ideas for alternative Christmas

I couldn't resist, there is an abundance of gorgeous ideas for Christmas decorating floating around the net... I hope I can inspire everyone to get original with their decorations this year!!
Non ho potuto davvero resistere, in giro sul web vi sono moltissime idee  bellissime ed originalissime per decorare il nostro Natale... Spero di potervi  ispirare con questi esempi...

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