martedì 22 gennaio 2013

How to make teacup candles

What you need:

 All the waxes, wicks and scent items are available from a craft shop
Eco Soya Wax
Wedo Eco Wick
Metal tab for the wick
Scent (optional)
2 saucepans, one small and one large and flat (Make a bain-marie)
2 wooden skewers and some gaffa tape 
Vintage Tea Cup

 First you measure the wax out.  The wax comes in flakes and I fill the volume of my vintage cup up with flakes one and a half times.

Measure the wax flakes

2 – Add to the small saucepan (don’t worry eco wax is water soluble and washes out with some washing up liquid).  Place the small pan in the larger pan filled halfway with water and over a medium to low heat gently melt the wax.

Melt the wax in a bain-marie

Add a scent if you like

3. Prepare your teacup.  Cut a length of wick and pull it through the metal tab (all for sale on the website I gave you earlier).  You can buy special metal pins to hold the wicks in place so it remains centered.  Being a resourceful so and so though I just used some wooden skewers and taped them closely together as seen below and that works just fine.  Now all you need do is pour the wax.

Now all you need do is pour the wax

4.  Now pour gently…….

And pour......

5.  Over half an hour the wax will harden, do not move your tea cup candle during this stage.

Slowly the wax will harden

6.  Finally, trim the wick and light!!!!

And light! How easy was that!!!!

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

French cottage

The remainder of the home seems to be saturated with a inviting warmth by the way of selected colors and textures. As for the living room, the unique compilation of shapes and weights of objects make for quite a gracious and surprising space. (and isn't that children's space sweet as well?) Additionally, that gorgeous bath featured in the last image rightfully deems a second look—desired with a hot cup of tea, plenty of warm water, lavender, and relaxation. What are your thoughts on this home? 

Haute désigne

venerdì 18 gennaio 2013

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