martedì 28 gennaio 2014

I love shabby pastel

Adoro lo stile Shabby e di conseguenza l'utilizzo del bianco e dei colori neutri ma ultimamente sto letteralmente impazzendo per i colori pastello, certo dopo aver guardato queste foto chi può darmi torto?
Un tocco di Shabby pastel renderà il nostro stile ancora più sofisticato e particolare ma ora vi lascio a questa carrellata di foto sperando possano essere di ispirazione.
I love the style Shabby, I love the white and neutral colors but  I am totally crazy about pastels as they make me happy and childlike. So, I have a little obsessed with pastel colors at the moment. But after stumbling across these photos of amazing shabby pastel, who wouldn’t be? 
These awesome styles are classy and sophisticated without being stuffy and pretentious. We may just have to consider channelling some of this lovely pastel inspiration for our home decor…

You can see more on pinterest

venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

Canopy beds

A canopy bed is a decorative bed that usually features something like baldachin on it. These beds turn these bedrooms into luxurious retreats so you might to consider to get such bed for your bedroom too. You should also to consider that if you wish to create the atmosphere of a fairy tale in the room where you spend half of your life. Check out these bedrooms and tell me which one you like more than others.

mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

Decore winter home with bulbs

Is your winter home bursting with colour and the freshness of spring? Cheap and cheerful, winter bulbs  will brighten up your home throughout the dark months.
Christmas is lovely, but, lets face it, after that the home in winter can be just that teeny bit dull. Now, you might think about redecorating you house or buying lots of fluffy cushions or something similar, but have you thought about decorating your home with winter bulbs, for a cheap and cheerful splash of colour?
Make your home into a warm and wonderful picture in winter with bulbs and fill the rooms with a fresh and natural perfume.
Buy your bulbs in containers ready to go, or put them into your own pots yourself. It's so easy!
If you choose the DIY option, you can be endlessly creative about planters and pots.

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