venerdì 20 dicembre 2013

Decor Christmas with stars

Stars are one of symbols of Christmas and are very hot for holiday décor. There are so many ideas of using them for Christmas! Take different ornaments of various materials – of buttons, felt, twigs, bells, sweets, wood, even cookie stars. Star-shaped lights are ideal not only for holiday décor but also just to add some romance. If you like, you may add some DIY touch – make a star decoration yourself – of paper, ribbon, lace, cardboard and so on. Decorate your windows, stairs, walls and mantel, add stars to the centerpiece and enjoy your Christmas holidays!

3 commenti:

  1. Beautiful ! I love it! made me smile so much ..... love the star with lites in them next to the candle and the mantle!! oh my goodness....simply gorgeous, beautiful beautiful home you have !

  2. new here. came from FB.
    Do you sell the tin tags that say Joux Noel?

    also, on pics on your page, there is a pic with 3 things in it, salt shaker with tree, candle holder with birch bark, and teh angel. White with sheer 'clothes'.
    Can you tell us how to make the angel? or do you have pic on here? if so, I can just enlarge to see how to make it.


    PS love the pics, but so many will never catch up...=)


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