mercoledì 6 novembre 2013

Bathroom organization ideas

The bathroom can be a wild and crazy space in the home, especially with too much stuff and not enough storage. Since it’s the place where your family starts and ends their day, try making it the most comfortable and functional place it can be with our helpful bathroom organization ideas.Luckily there are hundreds of original solutions to solve your storage problems and you'll find lots of them here.  A vintage china hutch painted a bright color might add personality the room is lacking. A leaning bookshelf gives you the opportunity to display pretty bathroom goodies, towels, or a favorite collection. Don't forget to mix up the types of storage in the bathroom.

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  1. complimenti tutto meraviglioso,.....un abbraccio. proprio come piace a me

  2. Molto belle queste idee, mi piacciono un sacco! Complimenti per il gusto :)
    un bacione!

  3. très bonnes idées de rangement
    j'aime bien la dernière photo
    edith (iris)

  4. Ciao Lorena
    grazie per le foto..prenderemo spunto

    bellissimo il tuo blog e complimenti



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