venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

Celebrity Kitchen

People say that kitchens are the “heart” of a house, if that’s true, some “hearts” here are made of “gold” and some are simply “average”.
On this list of celebrity kitchens you’ll see that I didn’t post only perfect, dreamy kitchens. Some are pretty, some not so much. Some even need updating, but what I wanted to show you was a little bit of their personality, because I am sure that if there’s a place in your house that you try to decorate and do it your way, that place must be the kitchen. So, let’s be a little curious and spy into these celebrity kitchens.
Gerard Butler
New York
This is so original! The kitchen’s cabinetry and backsplash were fashioned from leftover flooring materials. Photo: Architetural Digest.
New York Apartment
Madonna’s kitchen is neutral and has great appliances. Photo: Architetural Digest.
Rob Lowe
Santa Barbara
Gorgeous kitchen! I love the idea of having the antique bench instead of stools. It adds so much charm. You can see his complete house here. Photo: Architetural Digest.
Diane Keaton
Bel- Air.
I totally can see Diane in this kitchen. It’s airy, fun, colorful and has a strong personality, like its owner. Photo: Stephen Shadley Designs Inc.
John Mayer
New York
This is a nice yet masculine kitchen. Perfect for a bachelor like John. Photo: Elle Decor.
Winona Ryder
Los Angeles
Gwyneth Paltrow
New York
Very stylish and clean. Love the idea of having the curtains to soften up the room. Photo: Vogue, viaHooked on Houses.
source Home Bunch

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