mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Christmas kitchen decor ideas

Decorate every room for the coming Christmas, so that its spirit came into your home! There are many ways to decorate your kitchen for Christmas, and you can do it in Scandinavian style, rustic style, minimalist style or in traditional, which we all love. To decorate in traditional style take red and green accessories, hang wreaths, choose tableware, rugs, tablecloths and napkins in red and white stripes. Scandi and minimalist styles mean black and white, ‘frosted’ Christmas tree or branches, for rustic style choose burlap and rustic baskets for the Christmas tree and decorations. Christmas ornaments put into bowls or hung as garlands are suitable for any type of décor. Look at the examples below and get ready for Christmas!

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  1. hello
    je ne saurais laquelle choisir
    elles sont toutes merveilleusement décorées
    bonne soirée
    edith (iris)

  2. You always have such beautiful and inspiring images. I adore your blog! Please stop by my blog to enter a giveaway I am having for a $25 gift certificate to my Etsy shop.

  3. rimango qui ancora un pò eh?.......^_^

    1. E' sempre un piacere per me averti qui, ho ammirato il risultato della tua poltroncina! che dire...fantastico!! e quella stoffa che hai usato...chic chic chic. Bacioni

  4. A pretty important functions of one's kitchen are to store, prepare and cook food and to accomplish related tasks including dryer not heating


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